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Our Mission

We Believe in Sincerity & Devotion

It is a great problem for the parents to provide Quran or Islamic education to their kids in the western world. They either can't hire the Quran teachers or they don't have any tajweed teacher available close to their houses so they don't make their children Quran literate. Keeping in view all these problems, we have established an online Islamic education system named as Fahm-ul-Quran. It gives Quranic education to the people where this facility is not available. Our aim is to make our students learn tajweed (Recitation of the Holy Quran with correct pronounciation and accent) and other Islamic knowledge to introduce & promote the Islamic civilization.

Fahm-ul-Quran basically stands for Electronic Islamic Education.

Online system of Fahm-ul-Quran is a high tech industry and Mega educational program and established as the religious obligation.

Being a Muslim Educationalist we have been held responsible to convey the message of Quran according to the Saying of Holy Mohammad (PBUH)

"Balligoo anni wa lau ayah'' You have to convert my sayings even single verse :( Alhadith)

It is our mission to introduce and  serve the Humanity with Quranic and Islamic education with more ease.

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