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Hadith Course:

  • The relationship between believers and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a very close, personal one of love, devotion, respect and obedience. The Quran declares in ( 33:6) " The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves..."

     This close relationship develops through deep reflection on the Sunnah or the legacy that the Prophet (SAW) left for Muslims. The Quran itself describes for us the example of the Prophet (SAW)as the excellent role model for all time to come. The Quran declares in (33:21) " Surely you have in the Messenger of Allah the pattern of excellence (Uswantun Hasanah) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and who remembers Allah much"

    This "Uswah" or pattern is available to us in the form of Sunnah and Hadith without which we would be deprived of that example which, through the centuries has guided Muslims towards excellence.

    The companions (sahabah) loved the Prophet (SAW) more than their own selves. Each word and action of the Prophet was important for them and they took great care to remember it. They reflected on it, implemented it, and passed it on to others who had not heard of it. They were keen to pass on to future generations what they themselves had seen and experienced of the excellent example of the Prophet.

    Later, The scholars of Hadith known as Muhadithun spent their entire lives in checking the genuineness of Hadith. Great scholars of Hadith visited the narrators of Hadith to get the Hadith directly from them even if they had to travel a thousand miles by the primitive means of travel then available. A major achievement of these scholars was the compilation of authentic collections of Hadith, and in addition , the emergence of  new disciplines to serve the Sunnah and Hadith of the Prophet (SAW) like Mustalh al Hadith (Hadith Methodolgy and criticism) Ilm al Rijal ( the science of the narrators of Hadith).

    This course aims at introducing the discipline of Sunnah and Hadith to the students of Islamic studies. The main goal of this course is to give participants a holistic picture of the true role of Sunnah and Hadith as an integral and inseparable part of Islamic shariah. The course will highlight certain guiding lights for better understanding, appreciation and dealing with the Sunnah.

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