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Fee Policy

Fahm-ul-Quran is a division of the SisPRO co. Following are the official terms and policies of the company, and are currently applicable and enforceable at law. Also, this document supersedes any prior notices, whether written or oral, delivered by the company or any third party and is legally binding to all concerned parties.

Fees Policies
The three days trial is absolutely free, after that if the services are continued the fees shall be paid in advance for the next 30 days.
The structure of the fees is related to the number and duration of the classes availed by the student.
But the basic formula as mentioned in the website remains the same.
You may cancel the subscription giving one month notice.

The fee is structured on annual basis taking into account the public holidays, so there will be no deduction of fees for the weeks that has a public holiday.

Payment Of Fees
Students are requested to bill in the fees before the 5th of each month. Where the students assure the company of paying the fees at a future date in this case the company has policy to delay the fees for two weeks but nothing beyond.

Fees Aim
The Learn Online Quran is designed keeping in mind the higher standards of e-learning. We are determined to make it an unforgettable experience for all, especially young brothers and sisters, to do so a minimal fees is charged to maintain and enrich the standard, also, Learn Online Quran does not except any kind of donations. Whether by person or organization.


Rigister Free

Now you can register for 3 Days free trial classes, just fill the form and we will contact to you as soon as possible.

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